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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  June 15, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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this is 9 news now. hello. i'm jc hayward. we begin with breaking news in captiol hill. general david p passed out during a senate hearing on the afghanistan war. randall pinks stop reports the general left the room under his own power. general petraeus appeared to collapse during a hearing on captiol hill. >> we will recess for a few
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moments. his aides surrounded him briefly and then the general stood without help walking on his own. several minutes later karl leaven answered the ken on everyone's minds. >> probably didn't have enough water to drink coming in here this morning, bohea appears to be doing very much better. >> reporter: about 20 minutes later, a round of applause greeted general petraeus as he took his seat. >> little light headed there. it wasn't senator mccain's questions. i assure you. >> reporter: he was ready to answer lawmakers questions about the wars in iraq and afghanistan but senator leaven overruled him and postponed the hearing until tomorrow. randall pinkston, cbs news, washington. now let's look at the situation in the gulf where president obama is wrapping up his fourth tour of the region since the british petroleum leak began. tonight the president will
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address the situation. terrell brown has the latest. >> reporter: president obama is touring florida beaches for the first time since oil started to come ashore. he will help communities recover from the devastating spill. >> i want the people of this region to know my administration will do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to deal with this disaster. >> reporter: it is promising to make b.p. comp sate for the damage. >> the best way to prevail on b.p. is to take the claims process away from b.p. >> reporter: the white house says it may do just that unless they set up an independent entity to give out money. neighboring states have been hit hard. many accuse b.p. of dragging its feet, not financially owning up to the disaster it has created. he says for weeks b.p. gave him the run around. >> a lot of small businesses haven't been compensated. it is a lot of publicity. they are not doing anything. >> reporter: e-mails showed days before the oil rig
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explosion engineers were cutting corners and behind schedule. one worker called the rig a nightmare well and another wrote who cares, it's done. end ovator. will probably be fine. the president will address the crisis in the first ever speech from the oval office tonight. >> again president obama will address the nation tonight about the oil space station. his speech begins at p.m. and you can see it here on channel 9. who's gary brook faulkner and why was he on a mission to kill osama bin laden in the 52- year-old construction worker from california was detained in northern pakistan. he told authorities he wanted to killed by laden. at the time faulkier was carrying a pistol, dag and night vision equipment. he remains in the custody of pakistani authorities. a man and woman are in
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custody in florida. they tried to enter macdill air force base in an suv filled with weapons. the pair tried to enter without proper identification yesterday. an subpoenas of their suv found guns and ammunition. police have not released their names. a morning bus crash sent two dozen people to the hospital. a spokesman for the dc fire and ems said a metro bus collided with a car on southbound i-395 near main avenue. the crash happened at 7:30 this morning. of course traffic was blocked for some time, but none of the injuries are serious. one of the two men accused of killing a maryland state trooper will make his first court appearance this afternoon. trooper wesley brown had been providing security at an applebees restaurant in forestville when he was gunned down on friday morning.
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kristin fisher has the latest on the investigation from the troopers barracks in forestville. >> reporter: authorities say they have a strong case against the two suspects, not only do they have eyewitness accounts, a murder weapon and motive but police also say they have confession actress the two suspects. now the big break in this case, of course, came over the weekend. look at these pictures. they were captured by an applebees security cam rein show wesley brown leading one of the suspects out of the forestville applebees after williams allegedly refused to pay his bill. williams came back to the bar with his friend, 28-year-old anthony milton where the two waited for trooper brown to come back outside. >> we believe the motive for the shooting is mr. williams is upset he was kicked out of the restaurant. nothing more, nothing less. >> reporter: so far police will not say who pulled the trigger but said they fired multiple rounds hitting him twice, once
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in the chest. both are being charged with first-degree murder. this is not the first run in with the law for these suspects. they both have long, violent criminal records and williams was charged with attempted murder of a police officer in 2006. but the state had to drop the charges after a key witness failed to appear in court. both suspects are behind bars this morning. milton is set to make a court appearance for a bond review hearing. as for williams, his next court date has not been set. kristin fisher, 9 news now. a 49-year-old lorton, virginia, man is behind bars accused of killing his wife and daughter. police arrested kenston yi yesterday afternoon. yesterday morning they found the bodies of his wife and daughter. they were found in the family's home on cardinal forest lane in lorton. police have not released a motive. prosecutors in the case
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surrounding the murder of robert wone hope to wrap up their case by tomorrow. they are trying to prove that three men tampered with evidence and obstructed justice. wone was stabbed to death inside of a northwest washington row house four years ago. the three men on trial say they pulled the knife out of wone's chest. but prosecutors say they planted it and the real weapon is missing. metro is reportedly planning a ceremony to honor those killed in last year's red line collision. the "washington post" reports that in a letter to the families of the victims metro is planning a 10:00 a.m. ceremony to be held at fort totten park. there will be a plaque to the victims unveiled. metro has not made any of the plans public. the anniversary is one week from today. there will be no classes held at catholic university
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today. a water main break on hairwood road left the school with no classes. only two buildings are opened. the ballut center and the mullin library. the problem comes on the day that catholic announces its john garvey as the president. he will be the 15th president in the university's history. we'd like for you to look at this scene from sky 9 that occurred this morning. a tanker overturned on the ramp from catonsville road to the prince william parkway in dale city. we are told there were no serious injuries. traffic was not affected. it is the biggest kidney donor swap of its kind ever. and it happened at four different hospitals right here in the washington area. each patient got a kidney from a stranger. and in turn almost everyone had a relative or a friend donate
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one, as well. for example, barbara gave a kidney to tracey. tracey's cousin gave one to vond a and her daughter donated a kidney to jason. in all 14 patients received new kidneys. this morning, they and their doctors appeared on the cbs "early show." >> it can be dangerous, just like any major surgery but it has been done safe for a long time now and people can do very well after this operation, as evidenced by their presence here today. >> what about, then, the complexity of how many beneficiaries are there there all together? 13? >> 14 i think. >> i think. okay. the number went up a little bit. how complicated is it to make all of this work in concert? >> well, how complicated do you think it could be? it is extraordinarily complicated, and it takes huge
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logistics and things. it hinges on the willingness of the donors to help somebody. that's where it begins. >> boy, that's the truth. i want to go back to brenda in the first place. because brenda, what you know because you got a donated kidney from someone who passed away. just the very importance of the willingness of people, either from a donor card or from the standpoint of a live patient to be willing to give of themselveses in this way, to, in your case, savior life. >> that's right. it was an amazing thing to get that, to be scheduled for a surgery and get a surprise phone call saying we have a perfect match that is even a better match than what we scheduled for you. it's amazing. >> anita brickman will have more on the people who participated in the swap coming up on 9 news now at 5:00. wonderful story. well, a different kind of
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congressman has been caught on tape. hear what he has to say about his actions. and plus, rocking and rolling that brought a baseball game to a stand still. we will have details.
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a congressman is apologizing for his confrontation with two men. >> who are you?
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>> whoa! >> who are you? who are you? >> that is north carolina democrat bob etheridge. >> sir, sir. >> you can see he gets rough with the unidentified man. etheridge said he made a mistake. >> i have been spat at pushed on and threatened before and that's no excuse for the actions for my not walking on by. there's no excuse. >> who are you? >> please let go of my arm, sir. >> who are you? >> we don't know the identity of the men behind the video. do you remember when geraldo rivera open opened al capone's vault and found nothing inside? last week in annapolis, city officials opened a vault and found $150,000 in checks and cash missing. the money was stolen but there is good news. since the check was stamped deposit only, all of them they
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can't be cashed. talks are scheduled to start today between spirit airlines and the striking pilots, but the carrier cancelled all of its flights through tomorrow. pilots went on strike on saturday over a pay dispute and they have not sat down with management since. now the national mediation board has ordered both sides to come to the negotiation table. starbucks is taking on mcdonald's. the coffee giant plans to roll out free wi-fi beginning on july 1st at its company-owned stores and that means about 60% of locations will have free service. the move comes six months after mcdonald's began to offer free wi-fi. currently starbucks offers two hours a day of free internet access for customers who use a registered starbucks card at least once a month. coming up next, howard and
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the forecast. yeah. get out the umbrella. we have sprinkles and light showers. we will look at that on live doppler 9000 hd. we look at the allergy update as we often do at this time. the grass pollen is moderate and showers yesterday. of course the mold climbed to the moderate range. we will talk about showers and storms and the heat returning when 9 news now returns after this.
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there it goes. oh, yeah, you bet ya. >> the announcers at this padres game knew right away. a 5.7 magnitude earthquake shook southern california last night. there were no reports of significant damage but at the game the foul pole shook for several minutes and there were a lot of aftershocks. frightening. >> thankfully a earthquake like that, 5.7 doesn't do structural damage. will knock things off shelves but they had a bigger earthquake on easter sunday. a lot going on there. how are you doing? >> i'm fine. it's a lot better today. today was steamy. >> 91 was the high yesterday. we will be in the mid-80s and likely have a few showers. we have been watching this area of moisture moving in from pennsylvania and west virginia. nothing too heavy here but coming across. the next couple of hours we will see the chance of
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scattered showers and a few areas of southwest of culpeper. on live doppler 9000 hd we will pinpoint it. south and east of town it is quiet. toward the metro you will notice these slight sprinkles here and there and down route 1 approaching mount vernon, ft. belvoir. light stuff scattered about montgomery county. you see it on the beltway up to 270. just east of 270 by 370. we will go north an west first. eastern montgomery in to howard county. western howard seeing light showers. southern frederick from 'tis da aurora to point of rocks in to northern loudoun, charlestown and jefferson county and around ashburn through aldie we are seeing light showers and moving east southeast at 250 miles an hour. south and west we have more showers to show you. say that five times fast. warrenton to amiss shrill, this is moving toward midland and bealeton the next 20 to 30 minutes and south of 66, some
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light sprinkles here. this is not a big deal. one more stop. culpeper you have the light showers over to gold vein heading to wilderness and even fredericksburg watch out. back 0 on the weather computer. while we cooled down there is always a price to pay this time of the year. and that is in the form of clouds and probably under done the cloud cover here. 84, 85 is where we will get. so partly to mostly cloudy. scattered showers, low to mid- 80s. east northeast winds five to ten. tonight mostly cloudy with showers and storms increasing, 65 to 70. southeast winds five to ten and tomorrow, tomorrow all depends on how warm we will get. we will have periods of showers and storms, mid-80s. if we bust out on the warm sector there is a threat of severe thunderstorms. right now you can see the difference with the showers have been. low 70s through hagerstown and 68 in cumberland to 83 in
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southern maryland. 82 cambridge. 80 in fredericksburg and here in washington we sit at a sticky 81. the humidity is 54%. it feels like the low 80s out there with the heat index and cloudy skies at the moment. waiting for the showers. looking at big storms in the middle of the country once again. all of the action has left oklahoma where they had flooding rains yesterday. today we are watching the moisture to the north and west. we have to wait for a front back here. that's not going to get through until tomorrow night, early thursday morning and then we will see clearer weather. looking at the seven-day forecast, mid-80s today and tomorrow with scattered showers and storms. on wednesday and thursday upper 80s. friday 90 and hot over the week with a chance of storms on sunday. we will be in the kitchen when 9 news now returns. dry, rough, cracked?
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gold bond therapeutic foot cream. penetrates the deepest layers like others can't. look for the healing seal. gold bond foot cream. serious relief for dry, cracked feet. if you have not made plans for the weekend, let me tell you where you need to go. you need to go to the reston town center because they have the taste of reston on saturday and sunday. they have activities for the kids and 30 restaurants. it's going to be a culinary adventure. one of the chefs is with me. i just met this gentleman and i have fallen in love with him. i will tell you why. look at all the pound cake he has broughten me. look at all of this beautiful pound cake and fresh strawberries. >> these are local. we bought them local.
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>> i have been tasting them. he is making strawberry short cake with the pound cake and the whipped cream. oh my goodness. >> we will be serving this this weekend at the taste of reston on friday and saturday. we can get this every day in our restaurant. we have it on the dessert menu. it is usually strawberry and blueberries but i had these beautiful strawberries from our farmers and i wanted to bring them in and show you. can i take a look. i want to taste it. make sure it is good. >> it is made with sour cream and cream cheese so it is nice and rich. >> it is rich. by the way, if you go to the taste of reston this weekend it will be a chilly. >> we have guns and roses with the police and firefighters and that will be interesting but the food and look at these tomatoes you brought. >> it is a tomato salad on our menu. it is tomato, basil and goat
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cheese. a little vanilla simple syrup. water and vanilla. >> i thought you were pouring olive oil on it. >> no. >> a little simple syrup. >> where's my fork? >> oh, a spoon. all right. can i taste it? >> howard you want to get a spoon? >> you know i do. i will take a piece. >> thank you. >> delicious. so and visit the restaurant but be sure you go to the taste of reston this weekend. on saturday and sunday. it will be wonderful for the whole family. >> i need more. >> thank you. thank you for coming. come back and visit us at 5:00. have a great day. bye-bye.
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